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Chris Dagdigian

How about a reverse -- if you send us a bunch of those cool stickers we will send you back interesting pictures of the stickers 'in the wild' ?



I like Chris' idea...
...get some Amazon in the wild pics.


Look for a package from Morphlabs early next week...we just dropped off a package of Morph Zeppelins at the post office.



I haven't started to use AWS for real yet, but here you go!... :)

Marek Prussak

I can't offer you pictures, or swag, but I can offer pictures, and a blog post!

But first, some backstory: A few months back, I entered a contest to win a 1985 Chevy windsurfing van. After sending in an essay, I was chosen as one of the top seven essayists, and the contest entered stage two: the online wordpress poll! The guy who ran the contest encouraged cheating, but he accidentally made it harder than he intended, as the poll only allowed one vote per IP. My regular methods of garnering votes, (i.e. contacting friends, power-cycling phone) worked for a time, but I soon found myself falling behind.

When all hope seemed lost, I reached an epiphany when I realized that I had access to a VERY large bank of IP's: EC2! With the help of my dad, I whipped up a little shell script, and in no time at all, I was back in the standings! With a bit of tweaking, the script was refined to the point that it cost me next to nothing, but in the end, I pulled through, winning with almost 5000 votes, next to second place's 2500.

So, I owe my car to AWS (but you can't have it!), and would be honored to display a token of this relationship.

For those skeptics among you, wondering whether I'm a dog, some links:

The voting page, where all the action happened:

And the obligatory blog, chronicling my misfortunes and adventures (but mostly misfortunes):

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