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Nice article. Can you comment a bit more on this: ''Important. Note that when you define a rule using the name of a security group in the Source column, you can't define specific protocols or ports. This is by design.''

This might come in handy in some circumstances. Is this a limitation of the current implementation of security groups that you are working on, or is there another reason?


PS. the commenting script has serious limitations, it kept popping up "we cannot accept this data"


I'm also curious about the statement mentioned in the previous comment. I've been using EC2 for a long time and I seem to recall that it was actually possible to set specific ports and protocols when authorizing a group, but only via the SOAP interface (and hence the command line tool). I know it's never been possible via the Query interface.

Am I mistaken about that?


AWS Evangelist

Status appears there's some discrepancy in our documentation and in the way the console should perform. We're investigating this now and I'll post a follow-up with the resolution.

> Steve <

AWS Evangelist

Today I updated the article to reflect current behavior. The SOAP API has for a while supported protocol/port definition for rules with security group origins. The Query API has been updated to be at parity with the SOAP API, so you can do the same thing what that, too. The console still exhibits the old behavior; we're working to update its functionality.

Another thing for everyone to note: if you use a search engine to look up API information, you might get pointed to the documentation of an earlier version of the APIs. Unless you need to use the older versions, please ensure that you're looking at the latest versions of our documentation.

> Steve <

Dhawal Parkar

What if you want to have a elastic load balancer between for the web tier and another load balancer between web tier and app tier ? That leave the App tier open !

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