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John Hart

Will SNS have different guarantees than SQS? Specifically, SQS guarantees at-least-once delivery but cannot guarantee exactly-once delivery. Thus, applications must either be idempotent in the face of duplicate messages or create their own mechanisms for de-duping.

Do SNS subscribers have similar at-least-once semantics, or will SNS guarantee exactly-once delivery to each subscriber? Or neither?


Very exiting to have Amazon provide another of the basic infrastructure building blocks. Hope you will provide a transport that supports delivering notifications to subscribers behind firewalls (some sort of persistent connection).

Andrew B.

How fast is it?


I read that SNS notifications can be sent to SQS. Are there plans connect SNS to SimpleDB directly?


Interesting services. When will the SMS (short message) be ready ?

Matt S

Twilio has a great SMS API.

Matt S

The preceding was a response to @Andrew above.

Matt S

Crap. I meant @Craig.

Ulrik Born

Is it possible to publish via a simple HTTP request with appropriate credentials?

I'm asking because I'd like to publish from an Android phone that doesn't have the AWS API...


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