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Hey I think I've found a bug or something: as soon as I launched a QC2 instance, I started to travel back and forth in time and space. Also, I think I'm leaving trails: like when a windows OS crashes and you move the open window, leaving trails behind it. Right now my office's filled with thousands of what appear to be me-clones.

Since they're all launching QC2 instances, how am I going to be billed?


Good one!


If anyone needs any help rolling out their QC2 image, just let me know on Twitter. We'll have the Slackware AMIs up around noon.

Johannes Fahrenkrug

This is unbelievable! What is your pricing plan? Will you charge by qubit state changes?

Marti Raudsepp

Congratulations, this is excellent news.

32 qubits is still not enough to break AES and RSA cryptosystems, but QC2 will make a real breakthrough in cracking the popular ROT13 encryption!


HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA this was Awesome Amazon :D

Brian Poissant

Just a few standard questions here...
1) When will this be supported on Windows?
2) Whats the difference between a Qubit and Cubit, dimensionally speaking of course?
3) Will there be a migration path from QC1 to QC2 before its GA?
Keep up the great research, and let me know when the patent goes through !


Vembu StoreGrid now supports backing up to Amazon QC2. Check out for more details


Well, but first need qubroadcasting wiht some ququad aligned, right?

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