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Jumpbox is amazing! We use their services for Ruby on Rails and Asterisk deployments. These environments spin up in minutes where otherwise would take hours to install, configure, and maintain. Now with their cloud service offering, I can deploy Jumpboxes directly on Amazon EC2 and have customers accessing our applications immediately!

This is the future of virtualization. Congrats Jumpbox!

Kevin Graff

Or you can use, which is free

Liraz Siri

Or you can use which is also free. Both in the sense of free beer and liberty. 100% open source goodness.

Look, the integration to put together an appliance is a crucial last-mile but technically it's just a tiny fraction of the work that goes into making open source software work. Why should that part be proprietary? JumpBox takes everything from open source but gives nothing give back. Open source shouldn't be a one way street. The community is lucky to have good open source citizens such as Redhat and Canonical to set an example JumpBox would be wise to follow.

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