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Steve Rayment

Jinesh - really good paper. My only suggestion is that you need to build up the service delivery and enterprise view. Large enterprise customers need to integrate AWS as if it were just an extension of their own data centre. To do this they need to make transparent the service delivery components and integrate toolsets. I have written a paper on this for a couple of the clients that I've worked for recently in my consulting role. I'd be happy to share this with you and work with you on expanding this great document into version 2 if you like?

Miha Ahronovitz

Jinesh, as always your white papers have clarity and elegance. But clarity and elegance are obvious to a cloud architect, and cloud architects are not to be found in any company. To implement this architecture in specific corporations, one needs a 3rd party, or, if the company is big enough, a sort of "swat team" inside AWS to provide the professional services to very large and strategic customers. I see that happening one day. The philosophy of total non-human intervention in using AWS services is sound, but the swat-teams will be the exception that proves the rule.

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