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Hi Jeff! This is Mark Atwood, Director of Community Development for Gear6. We're very excited about our new Web Cache for the Cloud product.

The page that people can go to to get started playing with and using it is


BTW: Gear6 does all Memcached ops from memory (DRAM) as well.  In fact, Gear6 increases DRAM efficiency because the G6 servers minimizes fragmentation and overly large bucket sizes for object storage.  

In addition we leverage block based devices (disk for cloud, flash in data centre deployments) in conjunction with DRAM, essentially creating a two tiered cache.  If the mix is appropriately balanced (which is what Gear6 Web Cache Server enforces) then the block storage device adds depth and is typically significantly faster than executing the application or db query (in the FIRST memcached operation that requires going to the block device).  When the second op happens on that piece of data, it executes out of DRAM.  Thus in aggregate the Gear6 server performs as if it were based 100% in DRAM but at significantly reduced cost.  The trick is using the block storage appropriately (which is one of the things that the G6 Server optimizes).

If you do not want to leverage block storage, you do not have to and you can simply get the benefits of optimized DRAM utilization.

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