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Pretty impressive, I guess new business models should emerged as auction pricing creates economy-based crontab. Freemium companies could also leverage that easily.


I would assume the Spot price will hardly ever if ever raise above the standard EC2 price. You could put a Bid price of say $0.50 per hour for a small windows instance (normal price $0.12) with the assumption that you will always be above the Spot price and the Spot price will nearly always if not always be below the $0.12 price. Meaning you actually get your machine much cheaper then normal with only a very slight risk of it going down?


Very interesting and innovative. Looks like the start of a new commodity to me, which Amazon should perform well in. More comments at


Given that charging is by the hour, are instances only terminated after an integral number of hours?

Mark Pottorff

RE: hourly charges, the example (see link below) says if they terminate your instance before the end of an integral hour, then you are not charged. So Amazon has to weigh the value of accepting your bid for the minutes remaining to get you a full hour, against the higher bids that are leading them to shutdown your instance in the first place.

Samuel Vijaykumar

This is great! But just one question what if i start an EBS AMI does it get stopped! I guess terminated! But stopped would have been a great option.

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