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SharePoint. As of now nothing prevents people from installing SharePoint themselves, but a pre-built template for WSS, MOSS 2010 beta, etc would be nice.

You can think about evolving that as a separate offering in itself. It would attract so many people - people who want to do evaluations, one-off Proof of concepts, a collaboration site for a small team, etc.


Great news Jeff, I just setup a win2003 box and was having issues running ASP.NET MVC properly (without resorting to rewrite hacks etc).


Fantastic!!!! I've been needing Windows 2K8 support, so now I can use AWS :-)

Robert Doyle

Looking forward to IIS 7 and Smooth Streaming, let me at it.


Superb ! And why is the Linux / Windows ratio is 0.085 / 0.12 for small instance and some instances are nearly x2. Is it only the license cost ? And what will you do for a solution ?



When will we have the flexibility of reserving Windows instances? That will significantly reduce our costs and will make for a level playing field with Ubuntu and others which have the flexibility of reserving instances.


IIS 7, definitely.


The only problem left is the windows instance prices.
Price of a reserved minimum linux instance cost approx. %50 of the 0.085$ per hour, but windows one is 0.12$, nearly 3x..4x price.

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