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Mads Sülau Jørgensen

If this performs as well as the rest of AWS, this could provide regular users with the ability to push proper streaming content. The possibilities of this are mind boggling.

What are the plans, if any, for allowing uploads through FMS?


Streaming itself is great. But are there any plans to combine streaming with private content?


Another vote for streaming private content.


Yes, yes, please, streaming private content would be total killer. Wowza (and thus probably FMS) allows for "signed" urls, time, ip restrictions ... is this something you are planning to provide?

Art Clarke

Are there plans to support Wowza or Red5 in addition to FMS? Is it possible to do things like merging video on the fly (like this:


+1 for private content, how that'd work I'm not sure, some custom authentication call out, or some pre-instatiated roles for users perhaps.


cloud front streaming is a killer app, with private content feature its going to be even better. you guys are god send and totally ROCKs!!!!!
first time in the history of streaming, decent streaming is accessible to regular folks, I dont have to pay an arm and a leg to the Akamai's of the world.


"Finally, if like me, you are somewhat bewildered by the overwhelming variety of decisions that you need to make when you create and publish a Flash video, take a look at Tinic Uro's blog post, What Just Happened on the Web? Tinic works for Adobe and has done a masterful job of explaining the ins and outs of the entire Flash media ecosystem."

DO YOU KNOW THAT "What Just Happened on the Web?" WAS WRITTEN IN 2007?

Been waiting for your book to come out. Hope that it has better content.

We have been using They make using your system so much easier. Why can't you people do the same?

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