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Eric Hammond

AWS keeps adding features and capabilities shortly before my startup really needs them. You're making it easy to grow!

Here's a minor typo with the AWS console. The "Instance Type" pulldown in the "Launch Instance Wizard" isn't consistent in how it talks about ECUs. For example, the c1.xlarge claims 20 ECUs with 8 Cores, but the m2.4xlarge lists 3.25 ECUs and 8 Cores. The latter should probably show 26 ECUs with 8 Cores as the standard to date has been to list the total ECU power of all the cores combined.

Mike Kavis

This is great. Looking forward to the reserved instances!

Dr Lars Wendowski

What happened to all of the Windows reserved instances?

By surfacing the proprietary nature of the compute environment, did AWS just cross the line? I remember you telling me that the brand/internals of the computing environment were intentionally abstracted to enable a higher degree of portability and freedom from vendors. AWS has/had the opportunity to enable a new level of true commodity compute, but this appears to be orthogonal to all prior efforts.

What am I missing??

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