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» Base de datos relacional MySQL de Amazon [ENG] from
Amazon acaba de lanzar un nuevo servicio de bases de datos relacional usando MySQL. Amazon hospeda la base de datos del cliente y este accede al servicio a través de una API. Vía [Read More]


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This is awesome!

One question, though. Up to how many transactions per sec will this service support?

Dean Asor

"The DB Instance will use the InnoDB storage engine."

Since InnoDB will be the default storage engine for an instance of MySQL Database, can i change it to MyISAM storage engine (if available)? If not, is there any plans to support MyISAM storage engine in the future?


Does this mean that there is some sort of DB config tuning as part of the service? I.e will it help to select the appropriate my-huge.cnf, my-large.cnf, my-medium.cnf and my-small.cnf based on usage or something?

Ted Pennings

Are there any plans to offer a more shared, pay-per-*use* approach to this? Billing by CPU hours used, not instance hours, would make this service far more appealing and position it in better competition with, say, Google's App Engine.

Jens Riboe

When will this service be available from the AWS Management Console and/or the ElasticFox plugin?

Paul Morel

Can you add a python library for RDS?

Will the high availability option (coming soon) have an automatic failover capability? It would really seal the deal if there was a way to monitor RDS instance health and automatically failover to another synced instance. Even better would be a MySQL cluster option.

Prathapan Sethu

How fast would be the connection to RDS from EC2 server? Would that be over a high-speed network or would it have to go over Internet?


Any chance that Amazon will offer a version of RDS on top of Postgres/PostGIS in the near future, instead of MySQL ? The MySQL spatial support is not optimal...


What does 'charging per DB instance hour' exactly mean? Even if the database is not being used you will have to pay 0.11 cents per hour?
So that will make 0.11 * 24 * 265 = $963.60 per year??

Kelvin Nicholson

This news really brings down the barrier to entry for using EC2 as a web platform. The biggest question I have is: how much will the reserved instances be, and when can I buy one?


As a newbie... to AWS there seems the be a step missing or general concept that I'm missing with AWS.

I'm reading documentation that I can use all my standard tools but at the same time the PDF document says I have to use a AWS JAVA tool (which by the way doesn't tell us where to download).

So, if I can use all my existing tools, why can't I setup a shell and use my php tools to create a database instance?

Also, can someone answer Daniel's question about being charged for a database if its not used? (posted Oct 28th, 2009)

Help! :-)


I am interested in connecting to the database with Microsoft Access using ODBC for MySQL. Will that work?

More specifically, the issue I have with most MySQL hosts is the value of a parameter called wait_timeout. This is the time of inactivity allowed before the ODBC database connection is closed. This is set to less than a minute for most hosts; it needs to be more like 30 minutes. Will I be able to change such variables?

If I use this technique, will I be billed for the entire time the ODBC connection is maintained. Even, as suggested in a comment above, I get charged for an instance 24 x 7, that's not very much. However, if I have a multi-user application, I could get hit for an instance for every user.

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