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I've been looking forward to this feature!

Here's an article in which I describe some more cool things you can do with shared snapshots, and also some predictions about products and services we'll see that are based on this feature.


This is a super idea! Ideal for sharing datasets in big public company like ours where each subsidiary has at least one Amazon account of their own.


Apologies for posting this here - but it IS the AWS blog - so I have to say:

I mean jeez guys, cmon!! We've been working hard at this, we're way inside the deadline, and your system is just giving us an indeterminate 'there was an error submitting your data' - which is BS, everything is fine with OUR data.

If this is how AWS functions then it probably can't even handle the real, incredible application we've submitted.

Give us an alternate route to submit it, seriously!!

Be careful when you create shared EBS volumes! There are hidden dangers lurking:

(The above post includes a $100 reward to help demonstrate the risks.)


This is a great feature, thanks!

It would be even greater :-) if you could specify read only permissions on the shared snapshot. Any plans?


Hey Jeff,

Any chance of upgrading the Import to S3 feature to allow importing directly to an EBS snapshot? It would save a lot of drudgery, splitting large files and reconstituting them after import. You could also offer the ability to separate the data onto multiple snapshots.

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