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There's a nasty problem with this kind of configuration: when the internet route between the cloud and the in-house network is disrupted, nobody is responsible. Neither Amazon nor one's ISP will typically be willing (or able) to do anything to help. For this reason, we found that in practice it's necessary to keep the interface between cloud and in-house network to a minimum and ensure that temporary disruption in communication between the two doesn't cause a loss of service to our customers. This unfortunately makes the configuration pictured here of limited use in practice, unless this new offering somehow gets around the problem.


Interesting, look forward to it arriving in the EU.

Do you know if multicast will work between AMIs on the same VPC?

we have a couple of apps that rely on multicast to do their clustering, and last we checked that wasn't possible on EC2.

Brace Rennels

This is great news and think that this will help the rapid adoption of IT managers useing the Amazon cloud as a disaster recovery facility and low cost online backup solution. I can only think that replication companies like DOuble-Take Software will help increase this use of the Amazon VPC.


In this model, how does a 3rd party offer software, including updates, instance management within the VPC?


how does it deal with things like authentication, resource management etc..
also, will can i seamlessly move a vmware image to amzn using the aforementioned APIs?

Ivo Blazko

Will this service be offered in Europe as well and if so, when?

olivier danion

It looks a lot like the VPN-cubed solution from your CohesiveFT "partner". Isn't it ?


Does amazon guarantee that instances running on the VPC do not share virtual machines with other instances outside the VPC ? (to avoid problems of side channel attacks between images executing on the same virtual machine)

Bim Job

This is not a "nasty problem" at all. Whether you build two datacenters of your own, rent space in two datacenters, or host on Amazon's servers, there will be a network link between your two sites, and if it goes down then your ISP and your datacenter owner are helpless to do anything, which is why they can't and won't promise to do anything.

If you have one site, you have a single point of failure. If you have redundant sites, you have the risk that the link between them will fail.

Therefore, you design your network accordingly.

And if you really care, then you build your own redundant networks. And even then, you're only reducing the chance of failure - not eliminating it.

This is a great service for people who need it and who are competent at managing a network. Everyone else will find it unhelpful.

You can't "get around" the laws of physics, and any company promising to do so is lying to you.


@Bim Job: Ah, but if you build two datacentres of your own and choose to connect them using the internet, then you can choose to use the same ISP to connect each of them. Then when it breaks, you call that ISP and tell them to fix it and they do, because that's what you pay them for and you're free to go elsewhere.

We had our datacentre on the most expensive and best supported internet connection in the world, but when the route between Amazon and us was disrupted there was still nothing anyone could/would do. It really is a problem inherent in Amazon's setup here which does not apply to the DIY route.


I have two questions:
1. Is this service possible for euro customers (Austria), and if not, is it going to be
2. how safe it is to use with Amazon EC.
If I understood correctly, EC is a virtual machine.
Is there a solution for (for example) a field sales?
If customer (wholesale) wants to have a sales and accounting program on virtual machines (so it can be accesible from everywhere), and want an option that every sales representative on filed can acces a sales program, how can that be managed?


Steven Lee

i have a question to ask

Is it possible for Amazon to announce an IP CIDR block from a BGP ASN that are both registered to your company directly from your VPC without utilizing the VPN?


US vpn

I followed you guide and it worked. Thank you very much.

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