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Jurg van Vliet

very nice. of course we did not expect to be the only with the ideas of this sort of visualization. but you can have a similar 'view on your cloud' with decaf (

for me seeing my 'cloud' like this is indispensable. it gives you a sense of the health of your 'server park'. thank you amazon!


Thank you this is helpful. I'm using Munin but its nice to have your concise view that is customized to your system.

Dirk Paessler

As soon as you have enabled CloudWatch on your instances (as described above) you can now use our PRTG Network Monitor software (for Windows) to monitor your instances through Cloudwatch. Already the Freeware Edition offers this feature!


Dirk Paessler
CEO, Paessler AG

Sean Carey

DartWare, the makers of the InterMapper Monitoring Tool created a free CloudWatch plugin for their Community Edition Software.

Along with the InterMapper Community Edition , they created a turnkey AMI. Just a few clicks, and your running a super proactive monitoring solution for your ec2 servers.

Of course InterMapper also supports SNMP, so if CloudWatch does not meet all of your needs, you can open the door to a vast array of options.

Check it out for yourself:

This is a brand new plugin, so feedback is always appreciated.

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