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Steve Loughran

Presumably this doesn't work for automated deployment tooling that is designed to work without a person nearby? Or can you have the (remote) management tooling use one of these to authenticate without someone being around to read the display?

Ismael Juma


The option of multi-factor authentication is great. However, the limitation that each AWS account accommodates at most one device is a bit of an issue. Some redundancy is good in this scenario, so it would be good to have at least 2 devices.

Further, I notice that the page where the device is sold says "Only orders with a US shipping address will be accepted at this time." Once again, EU customers have to wait. ;)



Great news, i would also love to use the same MFA on regular Amazon and/or Checkout by Amazon Purchases.

Also, instead of just providing a hardware token based MFA method, wouldn't it be great if you could enable MFA using a soft token (perhaps as an iPhone or other Mobile App)?

Andrew Stewart

Why would you use a fob to generate the OTP when you can get it much easier though a e-mail or SMS like the Validus SMS product does??? We also have a free-otp site for developers?

Andrew Stewart


I am getting a lot of inquires about our OTP via SMS product and our OTP card that has a form factor of a driving license. Here is the portal for all the information. You will need to register here first.

In the portal are white papers, code samples, best practices, security models, video, presentations etc oriented around OTP these will help you with your AMI and AWS authentication.

Here is the developer's site for OTP

Best wishes Andy

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