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I couldn't agree more with the opinions expressed in this posting! As a researcher using EC2 through an Amazon in Education grant the aspects that I've learned to love the most are that I can configure each instance in precisely the way I want and, once I get it there, I can scale up instantly to run large calculations as required.

Compared to the traditional model of academic computing (being allocated time on a local cluster or gaining access to a national computing center) this is infinitely better - no more wasting time trying to find workarounds for the outdated software typically installed on these systems and no more waiting for someone else's jobs to finish running before I can start mine.

I'm totally converted to the cloud!

Jeff Lawson

Great post Jinesh. Interestingly enough, all of us building platforms on top of Amazon are able to pass on the flexible, variable cost structure to our own customers, who can pass it on to their customers, etc... changing the game all the way down the chain.

Very powerful.

Michael Higgins

Just wait until you see what we are putting on the AWS Cloud !!

The entire Oracle Fusion Middleware (SOA) suite 11g, Ebusiness Suite, Oracle Agile PLM and Oracle Beehive collaboration suite, Oracle BI Enterprise and Oracle Identity Management - all linked to a full Enterprise Edition 11g database with Enterprise Search.

State-of-the-art Technology on state-of-the-art Cloud infrastructure.

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