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Will developers from France be allowed at some point (like 2010) ?


I feel this needs some clarification as the competition is open to developers and entrepreneurs in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and Israel but Amazon Flexible Payments Service (FPS) is only available to merchants in the United States.



Ed Corkery

No New Zealand? Or in fact any of the other English-speaking countries?

Mathieu Mantrant O'Dowd

Hi there, we're from France too and we have a good project and international team. Should we cheat to enter ? or is the door open ??

Terence Gannon

When I saw the Challenge last year, I was disappointed to see Canadian entrants were not allowed, and brought that point up with them at the time. I was told it would be 'considered in the future'. You can imagine my disappointment when I read this year's contest is open to 'legal residents of the 50 United States or the District of Columbia, the United Kingdom, Germany and Israel'. Seems a little arbitrary. Perhaps AWS can provide some explanation as the criteria they're using to determine which countries can enter, and which cannot?

Chuck Schreiner

I am trying to submit out entry to the AWS Startup contest and am getting this message repeatedly: "There has been an error while submitting your data. Please try again later. "

Any suggestions? Thanks.

Siri Eklund

I keep getting the same error and have been trying to submit for hours. Please help!

lathan tolbert

I am also getting an error posting submitting my application. Will there be an extension to the deadline? I've been trying periodically all night.


I am still having the same problem, can someone from AWS help?

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