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Dell Wilberg - Avatar Name

This is really great! Amazon in Second Life : ) Sounds very interesting as I live in Seattle, Washington. I am waiting for the 1,200 sim Amazon shopping experience to open in Second Life! See you there on July 14, SL Avatar Name Dell Wilberg



I am looking forward to an article on the metrics of the event.
Is this really Amazon's first job fair. I wrote about an Amazon Europe Fair in 2008:

gary chernega

Your 'Stop By' link is missing the h in http..
Hope to stop in Tuesday.
- Gary SL:Blank Cleanslate

Gabriele Bozzi

I hope you still own the Altair.
Curiously, when I approached AWS I felt a bit the same as when watching the front panel's blinking lights.
Why nobody develops a front panel for AWS? :)


This is a great idea! Hope it's a success!

However, I am not able to submit my resume (note) into the mailbox that's kept over there. Is it locked so that people can submit only tomorrow?

Thank you.

Joe Hanna

I have installed the second life software and created my account. I am not able to login from the DBM career center in kirkland, WA. Troubleshooting steps would be appreciated!


Actually, I won't be there. All your job postings require degrees, which the smartest people do not have. Good Day.
- Gary:Blank Cleanslate

Paul Hanrahan

Could not resolve driver problems with Dell/Vista and second life so I uninstalled.

Pauline Randall (aka Liz Ferlinghetti in SL)


Hope the fair goes well - look forward to reading feedback on it. I'll be sending this page to clients who are thinking about using SL for this sort of thing - should encourage them!

Gerald Nicks

Hi Jeff, I had fun exploring the island, falling through the map several times and finding the secret control room under the river! Not sure if you need an OPS guy with a testing background, but I submitted my resume anyway. :-) Thanks for the fun career expo!

David D'Angelo

Hi Jeff,

Will you have an upcoming post on some of the
metrics from this event such as # of attendees,
# phone screenings planned, ROI ect.


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