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this is great ... hope EU doesn't have to wait too long


This is a great news and will help us to build great apps even faster! :) Thank you AWS!



It's great to see this introduced. It's a bit sad that there's always a lag between the introduction of services to the US region versus the EU region. Maybe one of these days, EU will get something first. ;)



Its available in US, and not in EU... i dont understand what it means.

Are you talking of where the end users of your service are located OR where the Amazon EC2 servers are located?

Neither of them should matter.. right?

Alex MacCaw

It's exciting to see these features - I've been waiting a while for them.

However, the documentation isn't good - and there doesn't seem to be any documentation for the command line parameters - I had to play around quite a bit to get things to work.

Also, how is ConfigureHealthCheck meant to work - do I need to specify a /ping apache handler? Can I point it at /server-status?

I haven't got onto the auto scaling yet, but I have noticed the command line tool is called 'as' which conflicts with the Mac OS assembly tool.

I'm also having trouble with my DNS provider setting the CNAME for the root address, even though I can edit the bind file. I presume it's possible - and it's just my DNS provider's validation that is at fault. In either case, it would probably be a good idea to give some documentation for this - especially for less technical users.


Ismeal, it can matter depending on the type of data, particularly financal data. Not a technical issue, but a regulatory and legal one.

Alex MacCaw

So, it turns out you can only use the load balancing for subdomains, not your main domain.

I think this is a serious limitation and will be a deal breaker for many people.

Hopefully if enough people highlight this issue than Amazon will put it high on their priority list.

Ismael Juma

Damian, I think your comment was meant for Roger. I know it matters and my comments reflects that. :) Furthermore, it matters for technical reasons too, latency in particular.

Alex, that is a good point. It's a bit strange that they would limit it in that way.


frederic sidler

This is great news, but…
But there is really something more important that is missing with AWS: email.
No businesses can run without email.

This is maybe not the place to talk about that, but you are constantly saying that you are listening to AWS customers. I can see posts everywhere in the forums talking about email problems from Amazon (old ones, new ones, always the same problem with Live, Yahoo, Gmail destination)

Is it so difficult to do? Do you prefer to relay on external email gateway. Do you fear spam from EC2. Finally thanks to the guys at Rightscale, we found a really good email gateway provider, but I really would prefer to be able to send email from Amazon directly. Such problems don't seem to exist with other cloud provider, isn't it?


CNAME issue is a deal breaker. To use this solution you'll have to hack something together, might as well stick to haproxy, pound etc. This need to be fixed before it will become useful.

Holden Karau

CNAME is challenging for me, I'm interested in setting up a load balancer for incoming mail, which rules out CNAMEs. Out of interest what was the reasoning behind requiring CNAMEs? Will this be changed in the future?

PPC Management Service

I must say it's very exciting to see all of these new features laid out! Thanks for presenting them to us in this fashion, as this really helps when it comes to understanding exactly how all of the new services actually work and fit together. This was really helpful, Jeff. Thanks! The Amazon CloudWatch feature is especially helpful. No telling how much time that will save in the long run.

Son Nguyen

We're another company that cannot use EC2 until the problem with CNAME is addressed. Basically, we want to mix EC2 with our existing infrastructure (A record round-robin) instead of putting the whole thing into EC2. CNAME is exclusive and cannot mix with A records. What we need is an elastic IP that maps to the EC2 load balancer.

Harish Ganesan

Dear Jeff,

Thanks for the article. We have shared some of our experiences as insights/pointers about AWS AutoScaling in this blog post (with presentation) :

We hope AWS blog readers will find it useful.


Harish Ganesan

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