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Manoj Ranaweera

Jeff, thank you for taking the trouble to address our needs. Very much appreciated.

Best regards


Thank you Jeff for these easy steps. What steps do I follow if I eventually decide to switch to another instance offering.


I'm completely shocked that the only way to pay you more money is to install development tools and issue the payments from a command line!

This is such a hassle


This is very cool. I just upgraded mine as well. I just checked and I'm now paying 3 cents an hour instead of 10. They should make this available from the web interface. It's a bit of a nerve wracking process currently. Did it work? Or did not? It can take an hour or two before it shows up on the aws console.

Jani Patokallio

Great instructions, thanks! One tip though, if you're trying this in Linux/Unix, you need to give a full URL for EC2_URL with "https://" tacked on, like this:

export EC2_URL=

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