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Matt Passell

Two questions:
You didn't discuss pricing. Are there extra costs beyond those associated with the use of the EC2 instances (and the S3 storage space)?

If you knew you'd be running MapReduce jobs on a regular (or even constant) basis, would there be a way to request that they be run on reserved instances?



This is very very cool indeed!

Johnny Utah

A few questions:

1. I have 250 TB's of log data I'd like to create a MapReduce job for. How do I get that data to you?

2. We'd like to run monthly jobs so should I upload the new data each month?

3. Our log data grows by 2TB per month - does Amazon Elastic Map Reduce help me reshard my data set as it grows so I use the "right" number of instances? Put another way - I dont know how many instances to request or how to balance the tables for the optimal configuration (time and expense). What's the best way to do this?

Matt Passell

Sorry, just saw the Pricing section on the product page ( which answers my first question. And right above in the Instance Types section is the answer to my second, "It supports both On-Demand and Reserved instances; if you have Reserved Instances they will be used first by your job flows." Excellent!

Santiago Palladino

This is a great feature. Are there any plans on enabling simpledb as a data source for map reduce jobs?

This would be extremely useful for us, as we use SDB as our entry point for data-processing jobs, which first make certain queries to determine which items to process, and then retrieve information from both SDB and S3 using the returned ids.

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