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» Amazon Web Services April Fools Comes Early from The Software Devotional
Not without a sense of humor, the Amazon Web Services group posted about a great new service it will soon be offering, if but for a single day (Apr 1). Based on customer feedback, Amazon has "designed and [is] now... [Read More]


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Oh, the humanity!

Brennan Novak

Wow. This must a joke. If not, it is rad! Totally rad!!!


It must be April 1st.


Sigh! Neither innovative nor imaginative. We need a much better way of doing April fool. Its hard to fool people these days, everyone is smart enough!

Ankur Jain

It is still 31st March in the US. However, it is a perfect Fool's day prank :)


That's a great idea!
How can we order?

Thanks Jeff, for this funny April Fools. :-)


Everybody, prepare for battle.
Lieutenant Data what's the status?


Great mention of RFC 1149. It's a great idea, unfortunately with very few implementations nowadays. Do you know if they will support RFC 2549 as well? After all, QoS is important in cloud computing.


If you get it to work, you owe me a royalty check :)

Aaron Stewart

In addition to RFC-1149, Will it also support the related QoS implementation, RFC-2549?

Tony Smit

This is not April Fool's if you consider using a balloon-based deployment for temporary cellular coverage after natural disasters, like earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes.

I doubt they could be used in war zones as Stinger missles could easily hit them.


Cloud Computing is very fashion nowadays, IBM just found an organization on it. Unfortunately, Microsoft and Amazon does not take apart in it.

M. David Peterson

Is that R2D2? ;-)

Björn Eberhardt

I've already heard of trucks extending the computing power of computation
centres. Why shouldn't this be possible via stationary balloons? Imagine
the airflow and the re-use of CPU cooling as a lifting boost!

self sufficiency

Its cute but there is better and easier ways to harness energy, but seriously if this was aprils fools - i was about to be the king fool to even argue or comment on this seriously :P

But seriously you could have a geo stationary ballons on tethers or even a solar array put at the points of the planet which never get dark or dark for long. Makes sense and ther are such places that people visit all the time, dont ask me why :P


Geek humor. It's a subjective thing.


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