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Joaquin Diez Gomez

Great news!!

We are one of those costumers that needed a price plan like this!!

I Love to see how Amazon always try to satisfy customer's needs


Max C

This is very exciting -- I worked out it's equivalent to a 33% discount in return for a one year commitment (assuming a Large instance running 24/7). Amazing.

We use Windows though and I notice you're committing to supporting Europe in the future but not Windows. Any chance of some more background on that?

Eric Hammond

Ok, so I just typed a command into my Ubuntu laptop and Amazon charged me $650 (for a shiny, new c1.medium 1 year reserved instance).

A bit scary, but I'm thrilled to be saving money in the long run.

I'm also very happy that the new reservation pricing is applied to an instance I've already got running.

-- Eric Hammond

Paul Prescod

I infer from the FAQ that if I have an instance already, I can ec2-purchase-reserved-instances-offering and get a lower per-hour billing rate on an instance that I am already running. I do not have to snapshot the instance and then start a new one. Is that correct?

James Sun

Fantastic news (for Linux/Unix users in the US). In the EC2 FAQ, the lack of reserved instances for Windows users -- yes, there are some of us who still use Windows -- was conspicuous by its absence. Comments?


You should be more explicit that AWS does not oversell the instances - each reserved instance exists.

When I first read it, it sounded like your request for a server would not compete with "transient limitations in EC2 capacity", but might compete with other reserved requests.


Fantastic! Also looking for details on Windows support for this concept.


Could you please verify if m1.small and c1.medium instances still have low priority access to i/o resources in the reserved model?

Larry Mishkin

I hope this reserved pricing model will include Windows instances as well.


I just love Amazon SS2 !

Matt White

Absolutely brilliant! This makes it much more economical for us to have long-running instances, which is more in line with our needs.

Brent Broome

Along with Max and James above, I'd also like to know if a similar pricing structure will be forthcoming for Windows instances.

Also, back in October I read on one of the forums that you guys expected Windows Server 2008 instances early this year. Any update on when you expect this or if you're even actively working on it? Many thanks!


Fantastic news!

Like others above, I would love to see this applied to the Windows instances as well.


Windows needed here too!

Radim Marek

Great news! That's exactly what I've been waiting for in terms of the cost reduction.

Is there any further specification of the 'near future' support for the EU region? Matter of weeks or months?


Balkan Triwl

I was just talking to Sun, and they said they're going to be "50% Amazon's price on every service." If they keep driving your pricing down, how do you keep your service level up? What I really need are containerized MySQL instances, running against ZFS to infinite storage. They're promising me less than 1c/cpu-hr, storage free. What are you going to offer?



Where is this sun product? People can promise anything. Sun has a real history of this actually. In this space particularly, but in many others.

Amazon has a product, available and proven today. It's frankly the model most are copying.

You might be surprised to find that when you use 1c/cpu-hr with free storage and try to store a few petabytes on their system, all of a sudden, storage isn't free anymore :) Perhaps your account is canceled from under you for "abuse" or other legalese. You going to build your business on a hope that an unsustainable business model succeeds?

Amazon offers something straightforward, which I like. Let's wait to see the REAL sun offering, and have a chance to check out the fine print. With Sun, it's always extensive!

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