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Any idea when FPS will be available in Europe ? It's very easy and cheap and I would love to use it.

Michal Frackowiak

This is great news. Any plans for supporting international merchants (e.g. Poland)?

Benedict Steele

I'd also like to know when FPS will be available in Europe. It looks like a great service, I can't wait to get my hands on it!

Tim Haughton

Nice work guys, but remains of limited worth whilst the vast majority of companies are not permitted to use it.


Does "General Availability" refer to:

- FPS being opened up to non-US companies as well,


- FPS is out of Beta, but still only supports US companies

Thanks for clarifying.


Simone, why not to put straightforward from first line -- Amazon counts EU people as second-level citizens, and General stands for US General actually. Don't by shy, don't put it as last line, be proud European, say it straight -- you don't achieve much in EU just because everything done in EU on "when we have time and stamina" basis. Oh, btw, if you have any exceptions to this rule - please point us :)


I quickly realized after a quick Google search that FPS is not available in Europe, but that questions had been lingering without a proper answer for almost four years surprised me! Any news on whether FPS will be available in Europe?

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