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Robin Barooah


Do you have plans to add the count function to the "Query" language interface, or is development of that interface not proceeding?

I ask because although the select interface is familiar to those coming from an SQL background, the Query language has properties which make it more suited to type safe language integration, and I would hate to see it neglected.

This thread has an example:

Bruno Guisto

You left Bolso ( ) off of your list of tools. Personally I find the UI to be friendlier than many of the other available tools.

Ashley Tate

Simple Savant is another SimpleDB resource missing from your list. It builds on the Amazon C# Library for SimpleDB to provide the following features:

* Mapping of object properties to SimpleDB attributes
* Formatting to support lexicographical sorts and searches
* Support for ADO.NET-style parameterized select operations
* Unlimited select results in a single call
* Transparent caching to mitigate effects of SimpleDB's eventual consistency model
* Automatic domain creation

I've just posted the second release to CodePlex. New features include support for selecting scalar values (including count(*)) and BatchPutAttributes. You can read more here:

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