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Is it US-only? I can't find support for the eu-west-1 region anywhere.


I'd love a way that I can create user accounts and allow other users to login and fire up certain AMI's under a shared EC2 account. For instance I might need developers or other support people I work with to be able to fire up an instance for testing reasons for a few hours, and it would be great to not have to manage that for them.


We have multiple people who manage our servers. It would be nice if we could select their amazon accounts as approved to manage the instances as well instead of, for example, sharing a single login to Amazon.


I suggest you link directly to the console with the image rather than to the image itself:


Jonathan Feinberg

Beautiful! In my opinion, you guys did everything right, focusing first on a reliable, flexible service, which can be controlled via scripts, then adding the human-readable interface later. Kudos.

Sean ODell


I am very interested in the upcoming tagging feature, and would like to have the metadata stored in SDB. Would also like to see more filtering features, especially the ability to filter on metadata tags. Other features:

- ability to create more than one volume at a time.
- ability to create multiple volumes from multiple snapshots at one time.
- ability to sort on multiple columns.

If you would like to see some of these features in action, and others, you can view demos at:

A free of charge working version is at:



Any schedule for S3 console? I don't trust my data to third party vendors and I would prefer to have everything from Amazon "out of the box"


+1 for EU


Kudos to you guys for making this web console. It was definitely a bother to travel with my computer. Though I must say that I'm disappointed with the decision not to support the Opera browser. When visiting the console with the Opera browser, I get a message saying my browser is not supported.

Paul Evans

Very nice interface, simple and elegant, as one would expect from Amazon and it packages the intitial setup steps and routine use very crisply. I had undergone a lot of pain during my first set up

I wish I had this available then :-)

Great job!

Kevin Campbell

Are there any plans to allow easier switching between multiple AWS accounts like Elasticfox? I think the interface is great but a better way to log-in and switch between accounts would be excellent, until then I think Elasticfox meets my needs better.

Thomas Nikl

Looks very nice. A few questions/ideas.

- Seems like when I try and connect to a linux instance it gives me a menu that explains how to do it, as opposed to just opening putty (like ElasticFox). Is there a setting I have to toggle or will the AWS console not open putty for me?

- One thing EC2 REALLY needs is instance labeling. At one point I had 13 instances and it was very hard to keep track of, and that was only 13. I think this as "ec2" thing more than an "ec2 console thing" but when you launch an instance you should be able to define a "user comments" and you should be able to see, sort by and search off of this.

- s3 & sqs support would be awesome.

I will keep playing but it looks very nice without a doubt so far.

Sarah Baker

Nice. Compares reasonably to ElasticFox.

I personally like the sort options for the AMI view.

I've found an annoyance, at least in FireFox3. If the session times out and you log in again, you go back to the dashboard instead of the window you had been viewing. I haven't tried other clients.

I also second the requests for
- labeling volumes, snapshots and instances. A simple txt field and search capability.
- capability of access by multiple users (to avoid sharing a single login)


Can anyone tell me , what kind of backup strategy be adopted for daily/weekly backup.Assuming my data is available in the EBS .


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