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William Blanchard

There was rumors and anticipation of another company starting a SQL cloud... then POW! Amazon is on the cutting edge of what developers need and this addition of Select API is yet another championship ring for AWS.

MySQL just bothers me in terms of needing to handle big spikes of use of say 1000 simultaneous transactions even with a cluster going. SQS has been solid and now SDB will become an important offering for enterprise users...

Perhaps there is some interest to create a real-time MySQL to SELECT API SDB bridge library- we will look at doing it in 2009 :)

Paul Prescod

William, I hate to burst your bubble but SQL-like syntax or not, Amazon SimpleDb is very different than a relational database. This change is a very minor part of bridging that yawning gap between their data models. I wish it were true that SimpleDb was just "MySQL without the scale problems" but it is not. There are deep reasons why it is really hard to arbitrarily scale relational databases and therefore why Amazon decided NOT to make SimpleDb a relational database.

William Blanchard

Hi Paul, it wont be long before we have INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE.

It only takes a hint to get me excited.

Paul Prescod

William: I'm not talking about three more method. I'm talking about the WHOLE RELATIONAL DATA MODEL. Primary keys, foreign keys, joins, transactions, constraints, triggers, sub-selects, etc. etc.

Compare the documentation for MySQL to the documentation for SimpleDB. There is almost no intersection. They are not the same kind of thing at all.

Account Deleted

SDB Explorer supports run SELECT query. Query results will be displayed in GRID. You can perform UPDATE/DELETE/SORT operation on query results.


I am using SimpleDB right now for a project. And while I like the database, I absolutely hate the query language. Why SQL?? Why? Why? Why?

It's called NoSql for a reason!

It makes no sense. SQL is a great language for adhoc queries. It's great for business people that want to access the database, but don't want to learn a full blown programming language.

However it is god-awful for use as a programming API. Guess what Amazon, the vast majority of people accessing SimpleDB are programmers. I don't want to embed SQL strings in my code. It is impossible to maintain. It's ugly, it's stupid.

So here I am concatenating strings in a goddam where clause.

I mean I couldn't be more pissed off that Amazon did this to try and attract the legions of dipshit SQL developers.

Sorry for the rant, but fuck.


How and where to choose domain of the SDB,or it is defaultful???

Jeff Barr

@xiaowei - You specify the domain as part of the select:

"select * from mydomain where city = 'Seattle'"

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