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Jim Stamos


Thanks for presenting the architectural details of

Do you happen to know why chose AMQP instead of SQS?

-- Jim

Terry Jones

Hi Simone

Thanks for taking the time to blog this. We're also building on AWS, and using Postgres and AMQP via RabbitMQ.

We've looked at pgpool, and a variety of others. It may make more sense to have db backup servers simply listen to AMQP, though. There's a lot of flexibility there, e.g., with logging as you note.

Terry Jones
CEO, Fluidinfo Ltd.

Furqan Nazeeri

Fascinating. I looked into doing this back in April or May of this year and after speaking to several folks at AWS found that it just wan't being done (yet). How many companies are fully hosted on AWS so far? I have another site this would be perfect for assuming the kinks are worked out.

Sebastien Lucas

Very interresting, it would be helpful to have a cost comparison with the previous classic provider.

Simon de Haan


We've chosen AMQP over SQS because its speed, simplicity and architecture (pub/sub) was an almost exact fit for our requirements.



Anurag Jain

This is great info. We are a web startup as well, and have most of our stuff using AWS. We want to move completely to AWS for everything, however, we are finding that sending emails (running an email server) is a big issue from EC2 because the elastic IPs cannot be set up as reverse DNS (thereby getting our emails rejected from gmail, yahoo, hotmail as spam). Do you have some info on that as well about what others are doing?

We are based in downtown Seattle, so if you want to meet for more information or do a case study on us, we are more than open to the idea.

Anurag Jain

Branden de Haas

Hey How is everyone. Great information here. Anuraq we have been having the same problem let us know if you found a solution.
Branden de Haas

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