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Peter Skomoroch

There are a number of existing open datasources sitting behind APIs that could be provided as raw EBS volumes:

A good one to put up would be wikipedia data dumps, maybe formatted for hadoop?

Anyone out there with some initiative can sift through this list to find some other large public datasets to submit:


Congratulations, this is a big deal.

How will data updates be handled? For example I assume The Bureau of Labor Statistics and other federal data will be updated at least monthly? Will there be a method/area to determine when these updates happen without cloning an Amazon EBS volume to look for changes.

Michael Bigger

How about getting all SEC filings in the public db? Is that in the works?

Gordon Mohr

We have wanted to grant guest access to large datasets in an S3 bucket, but the process is awkward because every item in the bucket must have its ACL reset individually.

Any chance there will ever be a recursive ACL operation, or a way to specify that bucket grants override item grants?

(Been hoping for this for a long while... see: )

- Gordon @ IA

Mike Miller

What about grabbing NASA data? I think it's public record one year after it's recorded.


First of all - Great effort and intention.

Don't know how this will succeed? If I have a very large dataset why would I bother submitting a form and doing the work of giving it to others. What do I get(unless I am a .ORG)

You need to give atleast $100 Credit of AWS usage for the guy giving you a TB of data.

The key to crowdsourcing is leveraging the right person to do the right thing and hence the costs come down automatically.


Secondly if you get into the mode of policing data(i.e do I have the right to submit the data) you are not going to get anywhere. If you treat this as a platform(like torrent or youtube) you will have better success.

i.e Just provide a direct interface to load data and tag it. Do not out a gatekeeper on top of it.


Why not post all the public records data from all government agencies ? This should help the local and state govt. that are on the brink of bankruptcy by eliminating this cost from their balance sheets. This might also enable private sector to build tools and utilities based on this public data much more effectively for general public use and leave the government free from having to manage this for its people.

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