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Jim T

Hi Jeff, a quick question about EC2 EU Legal and gambling.

In section "5.5.6. Services and Applications" of the agreement here:

It states that gambling is not permitted in any way on the servers. It states that this is due to being under US law. However, if the EU servers would be under EU law and are completely separate services, would gambling services be available under that region? The agreement text hasn't been updated to reflect the fact that the European servers are not hosted in the US.

As a developer for an EU bookmaker who would like to use EC2 to test some back-end systems occasionally, this is of some considerable interest to me.

Mijndert Stuij

Congratulations to the AWS team for bringing EC2 to Europe! This was the only thing I needed to really bring my applications to the cloud.

Tom Gleeson

Excellent news!

I see that DevPay will also eventually be available in Europe; does that mean that developers with European bank accounts will then be able to use the service (currently only those with US banking facilities can do so) ?



This timing could not have been better for my project. I'm just finishing an AMI for use in Europe.


This is excellent news indeed, been so much waiting for it!

Any hints when you will launch amazon payments in Europe?

All the best


Great! Finally!

However it is highly annoying to find out that "Amazon Machine Images (AMIs), security groups, and SSH keypairs must be created anew in each region".

In particular, one should be able to use the same SSH keypairs! You need to fix this. Also, at least a free copy function for AMI's is needed so we do not have to recreate AMI's.

michael dorsik

I think this was a matter of time and it finally happened.

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