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Does General Availability means that everybody around the world can use it?

Jorge Oliveira

Great news. When will it be available outside US?

Reuven Cohen, CTO Enomaly Inc

GA for USA, how about some Canadian love!

William Blanchard

DevPay has been a godsend for us and this is the best Idea of AWS since deciding to offer AWS to begin with.


when europe??


Like the others I'm longing for the outside of US availability. Any ETA on that? Or is it not going to happen in a foreseeable future?

Robin East

so it's January 2011 and according to the information on DevPay you still have to be able to do business in USA to use DevPay. Is this going to change? Seems amazing to me that a potentially great product has such limited availability.

Mehmet Batuhan

Is it possible that DevPay didn't get the attention it needed from the developer community that it has been put to back burner? DevPay has been missing many critical features and it has not been enhanced or even touched for almost two years. Sometimes you wonder if there is no dedicated resource for DevPay and it is just sitting there until something really breaks. Pretty sad...

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