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Gil Megidish

This is mind blowing! Definitely a hit r

Josh K

Thanks for pointing out this topic. Testing is a really market in need for good tools and solution. One concern though is the price. i guess only big established companies will be able to pay minimum of $1000 per hour. Check out for the crowd source approach for software testing. not sure about the pricing there though.




Great tool and concept. But the price is going to kill most small companies. If you can afford a $1000/hr you can afford some nice software and hardware. A good offering out there is great tool and low cost. They are built on Amazon AWS and are ready for prime time.

Roger Campbell

Thanks for the endorsement by Josh, but ready for prime time is not quite true yet. We do have a competing product in the works using EC2 and will be taking on beta users next month. Our service is! Come visit if you have a need for load testing or are just curious.



Scott Price

Load testing has been always been expensive. I agree with the comments above that $1k/hr is going to eliminate many budgets. offers a free account with limited volume, and $30-$200/month accounts with larger volume. That should be attractive to even the small development shops. If anyone is interested in being a beta, please sign up on We are also interested in conversations with testing services firms.


Hovhanne Avoyan

there is another EC2 based load testing tool from Monitis - and it starts from $4.18 per test.

Randy Hayes - a new approach to load testing on the cloud!

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