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In this whitepaper I noticed that there was a mention of software licenses being a limiting factor in scaling the processing power using EC2

'You may also incur additional costs for software licenses. Users’ ability to scale applications may be limited by the number of available software licenses. For example, a MATLAB Distributed Computing Server license provides access to a certain number of workers. Once this pool of workers is exhausted, users must wait until the workers are released by computations other users are running.'

Is there any way that Matlab licenses can be handled on a usage basis, similar to how MS Windows or other paid AMI's work??? I think that would be an ideal solution for many users.


justin b

Does anyone have experience of engineering / setting up a stand alone .exe for numerical modelling to run on EC2 / S2. if so, please reply. I may have some contract work for you, especially if you are based in the UK.

Paul Gribble

Is there a way to run thousands of Matlab instances (either Workers under the Parallel Computing Toolbox, OR just standalone instances of Matlab) on EC2 without spending millions of dollars on Matlab licenses?? This seems financially infeasible for large computational problems...

Francesca Moyse

Jinesh - this is quite cool. While we don't support parallel computing (yet), Monkey Analytics ( does abstract the process of running Matlab, Python (Pylab etc) and R on the EC2 cloud. (We actually run Octave for Matlab compatible computation).

Justin & Eric - Matlab / MathWorks are not solving the problem of licensing for uses such as this - which is why we went with GNU Octave (open source). Matlab licenses are bread and butter for MathWorks, and EC2 and other such recent developments challenge their pay-per-CPU model more than ever. Think Microsoft meets the web, all over again ;-).

Anyhow, stop by Monkey Analytics ( and see for yourself what a modern web app means for Matlab in the cloud.

~Francesca Moyse | Founder, Monkey Analytics |

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