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Can you set future expires headers on the content stored in CloudFront to improve performance?


We have added support for CloudFront in Bucket Explorer. A Beta which includes CloudFront support can be downloaded from

Kyle Mulka

How do we know whether we should use CloudFront or just S3 for our data? Which data should be in CloudFront, and which just in S3? How much data is in the cache? How long can data stay in the cache? The reason I ask is because you could be paying twice as much by using CloudFront if your objects aren't requested enough. I'm just wondering where that line is. There's one charge for the get from S3, and one charge for the get from CloudFront to the client.

Also, its not clear if you can use a different origin server besides S3.

sam lessin

this is wonderful - recently went 100% into the AWS cloud (ditching our last remaining servers), and we are certainly going to jump on this as soon as today... expect our simple private sharing service to tick up on performance.

Amit Agarwal

Thanks Jeff for putting my tutorial in your post. Have moved all static content on Digital Inspiration to CloudFront as well.

Samir Shah

This was super easy - we at Zephyr have already converted half our sites to using CloudFront. We are seeing improved performance.

Check out

Ryan Parman

Much like Boto, the new Tarzan 2.0 release supports CloudFront. Tarzan provides a PHP 5 interface to S3, SQS, EC2, SimpleDB, Amazon Associates, and CloudFront.


Amazing stuff! Amazon is building an amazing technology stack for large applications development. I’m sure they are going to make A LOT of money in the future.

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