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Eric Hammond

I'm getting questions about what day/time I will be presenting at BarCampLA-6 this weekend, so here is more info (which won't answer this question):

BarCamp is an "unconference". Sessions are scheduled on site by the attendees starting Saturday morning. The schedule can also be adjusted a bit as the weekend progresses, so I can't predict in advance when I will be presenting.

The minimun I have planned is a ~1 hour session where I give a super-quick overview of what EC2 is followed by a speedy demo leading participants through signing up for an AWS account, saving keys, setting up Elasticfox, starting an EC2 instance, and maybe installing a web server. I will be doing my best to answer any and all questions about EC2 during the presentation whether they relate to the demo or not.

This workshop can save a new person hours or days of trying to figure out the maze of EC2 options and documentation when getting started.

Depending on how many open session slots are available, I might do another session on more advanced EC2 concepts. Depending on available space at the venue, I may try to set aside a workshop area where I can walk folks through EC2 processes at a more relaxed pace.

I will be available all weekend, when I'm not attending other sessions, to chat about EC2 and to answer most any question folks have about it based on my personal experience and long involvement on the EC2 forum.

If you've never been to a BarCamp, I highly recommend it. Just come and hang out with smart, friendly folks and get exposed to all kinds of interesting ideas and information, some technical and some not. Even better, share your own experience and knowledge and pitch in to help in any way you feel comfortable.

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