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Simone Brunozzi

Have a nice trip in London! If you're around Old Street, don't forget to grab an espresso at Ruby's, and say hello to Lino (italian from Calabria) :-)

Tony McCune

I had a chance to hang out in the Cloud Cafe back in July. John has a great grasp of what is driving cloud computing trends. He's a great listen, I enjoyed joining him in an episode.

- Tony


Good to hear the Start-up Challenge deadline has been extended to allow more entrants, but is it still not allowed to enter from outside the USA?
I've already done some experiments with EC2 for my belgian startup site - which would be a great contestant in my opinion ;-)
The contest would really give me a boost to investigate EC2 further.

Kevin Layman

I've been trying for two days to submit an entry to the AWS contest and keep getting the error message:

There has been an error while submitting your data. Please try again later.

I have completed all required fields and verified that no answer exceeds the 4000 character limit.

I've sent email to every address on the contact page w/no response.

Can you help me out here?



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