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Jeff and team -- that's just amazing -- so proud of all of you!

Kieran Benton

Sorry to be thick - when you say:

"0-50 TB $0.150 $0.180 First 50 TB per month of storage used"

Is that $0.15 per GB or TB?

Paul M. Watson

For a second there I thought that was 15 cents per month for 50TB. It is per GB still I assume.


Wait, does that really mean I can store up to 50 TB per month for a total of 0,15$ ? Can't be...too cheap. Am I missing something here, or did I just witness an epic storage revolution? What is the exact price per GByte per month as of now?


I'd just like to point out that the email i received mentioning the price changes was a little misleading. it said the old price was 0.15/GB and the new price was 0.15 for the first 50TB. a clearer description would have been 0.15/gb for the first 50TB. Also, while any price decreases are welcome, and S3 is still very cheap, i cant imagine that the average person will have more than 50TB's of data on S3. So yes, lower prices are good, but i am curious as to how many people it would actually affect (or who would make significant savings because of it)

Leila Boujnane



That table above isn't exactly clear. It implies that the first 50 TB costs only $0.15/month, which I doubt to be true because that's a 1000x reduction in costs over the previous pricing. Not even Moore's law predicts that kind of cost reduction.

However if that is true, wow!

But I'm guessing it's not.


Did you mean to have the tiers at the GB level instead of the TB level? How many customers use > 50 terabytes per month? Am I misunderstanding?


First 1TB costs $150 per month just for storage? That's the same price as buying a 1TB hard drive on the open market, a basic SATA hard drive. Why don't you provide some secondary class, much cheaper such as 10x cheaper storage using cheaper hard drives behind some kind of buffer wall (not with direct full bandwidth access), kind of like cheap backup type of storage somehow..

Tom Cone


You would have even more users if you made the sign-up process easier

Our service helps people use their own S3 account to host and manage their own media. Once they have their own S3 account, they can embed and deploy their media on any of their commercial sites, blog sites, partner sites and even eBay pages.

I see it like the splitting of design from content as CMS packages empowered the site-owners to take more control over their publishing - we help split off high-bandwidth media and allow the site owners to leverage the S3 package: no views, no fees.. large views, guaranteed scale.

But.. we have soo many complaints and are having to hand-hold people through the S3 sign-up process???

Can't you make it any easier?

And what about an affiliate package?


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