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Jorge Oliveira

It would be great if one could create a cname pointing to S3 (as we currently may do) and then requests like would be routed automatically to the near S3 datacenter.

Damien Tanner

This couldn't have been better timed. We recently released Panda (see, an open source video platform. Having a CDN to serve up video content is going to be unbelievably useful!

frederic sidler

Who do I need to send swiss cheese and chocolate to be part of this beta ;-)

Robert Accettura

Would be great if it were possible to use a CNAME to use Amazon's CDN as a layer which then contacts the origin similar to other CDN's. That way no engineering effort is necessary to take advantage of it. Simply passing the right headers is all that's necessary, and one should be doing that already.

I hope that's in the roadmap.

Tom Hearn

Would love to be on the beta for this, any way I can pay someone off :)


Jeff this is great news. We are in the process of moving all our online services to EC2 and the ability to serve our static media via a convenient Amazon CDN would be a big help.

Niraj J

"marking the content as publicly readable"

What does this mean. Will I be allowed to give access to users and group based on my scheme?

To me this is a key requirement for Content Delivery system. Ability to manage permissions on content.


Will this CDN service also support SSL?

I have a few ecommerce sites using SSL I would like to ensure load as quickly as possible, but I am having a hard time finding CDNs that provide this service that are not targeted towards larger businesses.

Jim Jones

Glad to hear that S3 is finally turning into a real CDN. Be sure to provide enough capacity, I predict this will drive many new customers to you! ;-)

Felix Chu

1. If call the CDN API to an existing bucket in US, is that mean S3 will replicate the data to Europe? Then the generated CDN link do a redirection to nearest download site (EU / US)

2. The CDN API generated link, is it for download file only? can it display content directly on web browser. e.g. if there is a big sized photo need CDN, then can the CDN link's photo content be displayed on web page? or download only?


I have friends at big media companies who currently use Limelight and Akamai. Is anyone going to seriously move from Akamai to Amazon CDN? I'd be curious if any of you or someone you know are seriously contemplating a switch. Content distribution for a lot of folks is pretty mission critical and Akamai has a 10year lead. My humble 2 cents.

Anand Ganesan

There has been so much of noise in the blogosphere on the price factor alone that would contribute to Amazon's content delivery success.

Is price the only determining factor for Amazon’s CDN adoption? Probably not, companies who are looking for free CDN solutions have the option of choosing an existing open source CDN such as Coral CDN or Globule. The key differentiator between Amazon’s content delivery service among others, would be in the value add services that it can offer, while keeping the CDN bill low without affecting performance to the end user. For example, the value add services included in the base price can be:

1.Ability to deliver content even when S3 is not available. (a need for a caching service)
2.Eliminate the need to download duplicate content. (Again caching can help here)
3.Enable the content delivery service to open concurrent connections from the browser to download content from a S3.


The above is an excerpt from my blog (article here):



Verner Wogels gave a great presentation at the Streaming Media West conference:

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