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Damn, beer is expensive in Norway.

John Nousis

There are a lot of ideas for using a hybrid model. What we do in one of our projects (a social network in Greece called is to switch all non-realtime processing to EC2 instances that are simply started, perform what we need and then stopped. These are mainly tasks related to databases and reports. If you perform such tasks on the same server as your database they will take long time to complete and also cause a noticeable slowdown to your users. But having the possibility of launching a huge machine or even an array of huge machines and performing these tasks in minutes without anyone noticing is really great. Not to mention the cost which is less than buying a beer in Greece for us:)

John Gannon

Good post- I think this hybrid model could also address movement of specific IT infrastructure processes into the cloud as well. I touch on this in the post below:

John Qualls

As companies evaluate Cloud Computing there are trade-offs that must be considered. On the positive side companies which take advantage of the dedicated server hosting or Virtual servers available when they switch to cloud computing enjoy unlimited capacity, bandwidth, increased security, and a solid disaster recovery solution.

The challenge - A the transition to an enterprise co-location strategy often requires a fundamental shift in a company's core operating process.

According to Amazon Web Services evangelist Jeff Barr there is a middle ground, existing corporate infrastructure with new, cloud-based infrastructure to create a powerful, highly scalable application hosting
environment. He defines this hybrid approach as cloudbursting.

As interest continues to grow in the capabilities of the cloud, I expect we will see more discussion on these hybrid approaches.

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