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Colin Percival

What happened to the idea of doing one of these in Second Life for the benefit of those of us who don't live in one of the lucky cities? (For that matter, what happened to the once-weekly AWS discussions in Second Life?) I guess I'll have to drive from Vancouver down to Seattle in November...

James Urquhart


I love the last two paragraphs of this post. They fit beautifully into my own observations about the difference between the cost of sales for "pure infrastructure" services, such as Amazon, versus more traditional enterprise sales plays, such as SaaS ERP. Amazon can do what they do because the cost of sales is intensely low. (Well, your travel budget not withstanding... :-) )

James Urquhart
The Wisdom of Clouds

John Nousis

I wish you could come to Athens, Greece but anyway I will try to be in London on Nov 4:)

Sylvain Carle

Any way to get you guys to squeeze a date in Montreal before or after Toronto? We have strong interest in the local community for AWS and we have regular events we could combine with your presence in town, I'm thinking specifically about Montreal on Rails as a great potential candidate event to combine with in September. We (Praized) are using AWS a lot (esp. EC2) and would love to present the stack we are using for our distributed platform (API and Facebook backend). I know another local company uses AWS a lot, I could gather a list of local startups using AWS in the next few weeks if you are interested, please contact my by email if it's something you can do. Thanks!


What about stopping in Raleigh, NC or somewhere else in the SouthEast? There are a lot of folks in the area that would be interested in a AWS presentation (including myself).


Any idea on how the startups are selected here for year 2008?

If we want to enter our startup (which uses EC2 and S3) to be featured then what would be the process for us to follow?

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