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» К вопросу о средствах управления AWS from Joktar's nest
С консоли управлять инстансами EC2 и S3 не особо удобно...существует ряд утилит для управления: на AWS Blog рекламируют Jollat - кроссплатформенный, можно группировать аккаунты. НО! - оно глючит,на уровне 'AWS Call error' на ровном месте да и платность... [Read More]


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The Linux version of this application is really buggy. Definitely not ready for production use.

Peter Smit

However the download is for free, it can't be used without purchasing a license. Purchasing is not optional, but required for using the application.


Nanreh: Could you please contact us about the bug(s) you've found? Please submit it/them at our support page, so we can look into them.

Jollat Team



I downloaded and tested out Jollat. I did a quick review here:

IMHO, It looks pretty cool; however, they really should be more up front about the cost ($66) and the license type.



botchagalupe: We have Jollat marked as shareware (some display the price also) at every download site. We've just updated the website, so it's clear for everyone.


After my post above I received a response from the Jollat developers with a new Linux build. I had explained the issues I had when I originally downloaded and tried Jollat and I'm happy to report that the issues have been resolved. I'm impressed with the response--it was unexpected and an active development team that cares always counts heavily in favor of a product I'm evaluating.

I've been using Jollat for a few days now to manage EC2 instances and S3 data and it's pretty smooth. Definitely feels more responsive than the Firefox plugins I've been using and it exposes all of the same features of the AWS API I've been using daily.

Nice work, and thanks again for your quick response!

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