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Matt Passell

Hi Mike,

It seems like a lot of the good real-life EC2 examples I've seen (Animoto, for example), involve asynchronous processing. These lend themselves particularly well to the EC2/SQS combination that you mention in your video. How about apps with interactions where users expect a synchronous response?


p.s. Looking forward to your talk next month for the Boston Scalability User Group.

Mike Patton


This seemed like the best place to get my message to you, being as how it's a pointer to one of your video how-tos.

I've not yet had occasion to view your SQS video, but will do so in short order, once I'm done putting into practice the clarity you've been able to (virtually) provide for me with the two other tutorials I've watched in the past 24 hours.

EC2 is a well-conceived and well-implemented idea, but it's one of those things that, once you understand how it's structured, you understand how it's structured. And until then, you (in the generic sense, meaning, of course, "I") are (was) cursed to bang around off the walls and furniture, frustrating yourself (or, in this case, "myself"), until you run across a Mike Culver video.

Presto! I'm easily 64.6% less ignorant, and am no longer frustrated at all. Thanks much for the clear layout of what's what.


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