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» Virtual Centralization Rockets with Amazon Web Services from VIPeers
The Amazon Web Services blog just published Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' graph showing when the bandwidth consumption of AWS overpassed that of the whole infrastructure: (I hope they don't mind me posting this here) This is amazing: in something [Read More]

» Bandwidth Explosion for Amazon Web Services from Data Center Knowledge
The Amazon (AMZN) utility computing service now consumes far more bandwidth than the company's renowned online stores. [Read More]


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I agree. Pretty cool. I'm glad to see it posted here. It kinda helps validate my excitement.


Thank you for posting the graph as it is very interesting. Would you be willing to share the graph showing CPU usage between the two users - Amazon's internal websites and the AWS? As I understand it, one of the attractive features to offering AWS was that it would let Amazon make use of its idle CPU resources.


Wow! The AWS curve is seriously steep. But even has spiked up quite a bit during 2007/2008. Is there any particular reason for that?


what about the scale on the y-axis

Scott Johnson

Very cool and yet not all that surprising. I know my sites are using a ton of bandwidth, and they're fairly small. I can only imagine the numbers behind those lines.

Chris Marino

The interactions between AWS and are fundamentally different. What does comparing the bandwidth tell me?

These two metrics have no relation to one another and when compared don't signify anthing. Its pretty straightforward to outsource bandwidth to Akamai and/or other CDN, and almost everyone does. One of these is actively managed to be low, while the other is naturally large.

Ricardo Niederberger Cabral

Some quick thoughts: Amazon is obviously not transforming the bandwidth growth (for its retail web sites) into profit. Or has it? I find it hard to believe that profit increased ten-fold in the last 4 years just like bandwidth usage did. Probably caused by an increase in interactivity for product pages and new features like image previews, media download, streaming and so on...

JD Long

I appreciate you sharing this... even if you can't label the y axis. :)

VERY interesting.


We're half way into 2008. Where's the rest of the graph?

Peter Harkins

That is the exact chart I mentioned to you the other week. Nice to see it get some distribution.

Account Deleted

Your graph presentation is great. It is awesome, i learned few things from your post. Thanks for sharing your post.

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