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» Amazon Introduces Service Health Dashboard from Moonwatcher
Kudos to Amazon for continuing to address the needs of developers looking to build on their platform. [Read More]


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David Stone

Having one feed, rather then multiple would be useful as well.

Ronald Reeser

The dashboard would be great - if it were actually updated in a timely manner - which it time and again is not. It is actually the one of the last places to look for timely info about AWS service health.

The most up-to-date information on the health of AWS services consistently comes from a handful of people (non-Amzn staff) posting in the forums. Usually the 'dashboard' is updated well after a service disruption - if at all.

Following are a couple of relevant forum threads:

I really appreciate AWS and the effort that the AWS team puts into it - and I have bet heavily upon it. If the dashboard is not updated in a timely fashion, however, it starts to resemble a press release service more than it does a useful tool.

Jon Travis

Have you seen It provides a real-time view into the health & performance of AWS. We've been able to report outages well before Amazon, and the service is still growing.

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