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Gil Megidish

Great! Some of the configuration are one-time-setups, but the AMI list filter.. that is such a blessing!

-- gil

Jeffrey McManus

Filtering the AMI list was the #1 missing feature for me too. Bravo!

Jeff, you guys should position this interface as the EC2 product and feature it on the EC2 home page if you don't already. The provisioning API should be in the background, it's really just plumbing -- it won't (and shouldn't) be used by most EC2 users.


Maybe i'm being slightly naive here expecting that amazons CEO actually posts this blog himself...but hey, lets be naive.

Jeff, I currently run the "we want Jeff Bezos to come and give us a guest lecture at the computer science lab club" at Cambridge University, England. Currently we have 150 members all studying for a degree in Computer Science. What do you say? Coming to england any time soon?




Thanks for these additions. It is a great firefox extension.

But, while I Love elasticfox, I dislike sourceforge :(

Maybe moving it to a google code hosted project could help?



This is not working in FF3.0.6 (Mac)


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