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Frédéric Sidler

Great to see that they succeed. Really cool web service.

I know that the rendering of video is time consuming. So is it possible to give numbers relative to the number of video to process instead of members. The number you give are huge, 3500 instances for 250'000 members. How many videos do they process or how many hours of video did they process during these three days (from 04/15 to 04/18).

Nickolai Leschov

Yes, the numbers seem huge to me. 3500 instances for 250'000 members - this should mean about 71 users per server? And, do I get it right - $250'000 to $2'000'000 a month for servers - that sounds big for me (i.e for a startup with no prospect of profit in sight, at least)

Robert Folkerts

@ Nickolai

The number of servers corresponds with the number of concurrent users. The bill to use that is by the hour, so you basically have to pay for the 'area under the curve', not the height of the curve. So, they can handle the 'flash mob' at 3,500 servers * $0.10/hour = 350 dollars an hour or $8,400/day (this could be a factor of 4 or 8 more if they used the larger servers). This is still a chunk of money by my standards, but it is remarkably cheap for nearly instant access to millions of dollars in servers and floor space at a 'four nines' data center.

James Gardiner

Wow, a cool way to burn money.

The internet is proving to be a great place where you can do just about anything. Strange how in US the VC's will give you money to do projects like this. I equate this to climbing Mt Everest. A great thing to do, but has no real return on investment.

If only I could convince the US, VC;s to pay for my next big Skiing holiday...

Now that would be cool too....

Bernd Eckenfels

This chart also says that they spent 30.000USD in two days... while it is nice to buy so much capacity on demand, it is also a question, if the "nifty" marketing idea which requires so many resources (I can imagine the load will settle at about 10kUSD/Day) works in the end. There is some advantage in beeing resource bound :)



Could I know how to get the trace of the chart (the trace of requests of animoto's users is more appreciate )in this passage? Thanks a lot.

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