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» Amazon 推出 Fulfillment Web Service (FWS) from Wangtam
Amazon 刚刚官方宣布,推出一款新的服务 Fulfillment Web Service (FWS):tap in to Amazons network of fulfillment centers and (its) expertise in logistics,通过更有效率的执行与配货,将大大提高卖家、商户、厂商的货物流转效率与质量,这特别对于大量小型企业来说,将是一个非常好的消息。...... [Read More]


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Charlie Key

Very cool, I always am excited to see how you all are making the online life easier for all parties, consumers and sellers. The fulfillment prices seem to nice also, always great to be able to take advantage of economies of scale without having to be individually large enough to do it.


Do you guys take shipments from abroad. i.e custom clearance etc if I ship from say china to your warehouse in seattle and then use your fulfilment service

Tuni & G

With this program when you send stuff out does it go out with amazon branded boxes? or how does it work? we're a baby clothing company and would like to know more about the program. thank you.


This looks great--when fulfilment was first released, my main concerns were that there was so much manual work and that things were shipped in Amazon-logo boxes. The first is fixed; not quite clear about the second, but if not, hopefully you'll fix that soon (plain boxes are ok).

M. David Peterson

Congratulations, Jeff! Looks like I have a new and exciting toy to play with. :D

Vectorpedia (Rick)

Amazon FWS appears to be an excellent product........three cheers to the Amazon team

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