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Kin Lane

Amazon Web Services has completely changed the way I deliver web applications. It has been extremely disruptive in my business operations over the last year, in a positive way.

I am introducing clients to it daily, it takes time but slowly people are understanding the power.

Randy George

The ability to throw instances into a pipeline is especially attractive for implementation of OGC WPS, a web service standard for geospatial processing.
WPS provides a standard that would allow chaining of multiple WPS nodes to produce an end result.
Amazon AWS is really changing the way small businesses think about compute resources.

Tom White

There are Hadoop AMIs available to make running Hadoop on EC2 easy - see for full instructions. Also, check out the article on Amazon Web Services Developer Connection which shows you how to do log analysis on Hadoop and EC2:

ankara evden eve

yes i do.. you can change system to manual and it'll not shut down automatically

Mark Kerzner

Great inspiring post. In fact, I am inspired by the same and I am working on a discovery engine on EC2,
Derek of New York Times even added some clarifications on upload: 4 Terabytes took 4 days, which is quite reasonable. And they were throttling for budget reasons.


Hadoop is fine for Map/Reduce but for more complex interchanges Rio provides a great deal of additional power to services running on EC2. See and

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