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Kin Lane

I would like to see a case study produced around Sonian's development effort.

It truly represents how to full embrace and put the Amazon Web Services to use to solve everyday business problems.


Cool. I think a remote disk backup service in the cloud would be great. I realize there are lots of these already, but a good user experience would be swell.

Here's my thought:
Integrate with Apple's Time Machine. Time machine backs up to an external hard drive, such as on a home server. Apple's Time Capsule product recently attached one to their AirPort wifi hub. So how about using something like Time Capsule as a local backup, and then having a service in the amazon cloud hold less-frequent backups of snapshots stored in Time Capsule? Basically that adds another layer of memory to the system: slower than Time Capsule's built-in hard drive, but will be there if that drive crashes or your house burns down.

This would be the missing piece in the puzzle for millions of mac users...

Paul Morriss

Err, the diagram shows MySQL as the database. Is it using both that and SimpleDB?

Jamal Abdou-Karim Bengeloun

How are they handling the DNS resolution? Are they using a single instance? A clustered group of instances? What if the DNS instance fails? What if the group fails?

DNS handling case studies is what is really missing from the docs. Is amazon going to provide a dynamic DNS service to work with its cloud?

Sonian Email Archiving

We just wanted to share a link to the Video of Jeff speaking about how Sonian used AWS. Hope you find it helpful and interesting:

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